Friday, September 12, 2008

Marea intalnire a bloggerilor la Sibiu

A treia intalnire a bloggerilor sibieni, programata din timp, se anunta si cea mai mare!!!! Astfel in 21 septembrie 2008 de la ora 18 la Terasa Trei Stejari (la fabrica de bere) toti bloggerii sibieni sunt asteptati! De data asta invitam la intalnire, daca vor, si alti bloggeri din tara pentru schimb de experienta. Daca stiti persoane interesate sa participe, spuneti-le sa se inscrie pe blogul Mazemania la postul special creat: Marea intalnire a bloggerilor la Sibiu. Asteptam inscrierile voastre si sugestii pentru tema principala de discutii!

Cross-ul Petrom 2008

I don't usually advertise companies, and this is also not the case. I am just endorsing a campaign in which for every runner, the company will build one meter of bicicle road. Considering there are sooo many young people (actually anyone owning a bicicle) which have to deal with the lack of bicicle road in this country, any means to get to the final result will do the trick.
I suggest that all bloggers endorse such campaings because like in the case of Tuborg and Ursus both making environmental campaings as a way of attracting attention, so will happen to other and other and other companies, and at some point we will really make a diference!
Yes, I am a convinced optimist, and hope dies last!

Monday, September 08, 2008

Slow down in a fast world