Friday, August 29, 2008

I need 253 people in the same room with me

Wanna know why? Because that is how many people are needed in order for one of them to have the same birthday as me. And in order for any one person to have the same birthday as any other person, you only need 23 people in the same room.Imagine that.
For explanations, read

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Prisoner's dilema

So finding the subject so interesting, I decided to share what I am reading in case you too would like to take a look:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Oscar thanks

I would like to thank all my friends who supported me all through the crazy times in my life, who understood me and accepted me as I am, who never judged me, and who helped me when I was in need of a friend.
To all of you I am in gratitude, I would not be here were it not for you.
I haven't won yet, but once I start writing the script for my life experiences, it will develop in a worldwide bestseller! Many young people will enjoy the turns and turmoils of fireangee, and will live along with me the wonderfull, sometimes hard to achieve moments of my life(otherwise known as happy)
I would like to ask once more for support from my friends in helping me write the book, not only do you all offer a diferent point of view of the events, but you remember more of them then I do:)
And yes, I'll share my glory with you, and we can all live on a tropical island for the rest of our lives afterwords...

Game theory

I have read a few posts on game theory at and I got so many ideas from there, that I had to share some of them.
Game theory apears so often in my life that the situations are really endless. Thinking only in relationships how many times it aplies and in how many ways, it would take a whole book. I will just stop at the most recent situation and ask some questions, in case anyone would like to share experiences.
Scenario: Boy meets girl, they start this game of questions, answers, comments, and none of them knows exactly what the other wants, thinks and where the discussion is going.
Should one initiate a discussion about the rules of the game or at least what kind of game it is, the fun is gone. But also playing without knowing is difficult because things can be missinterpreted and can lead to the ending of the game before it began.
What to do, what to do?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Is Your Jar Full?

At request from a reader(uuu I acctually have a reader), I am posting the story of the professor and the jar of maio.
It can be found at

" Is Your Jar Full?

When things in your life seem almost to much to handle, when 24 hours in a
day are not enough, remember the mayonnaise jar......and the beer.

A Professor stood before his philosophy class and had some items in front
of him. When the class began, wordlessly, he picked up a very large and
empty mayonnaise jar and proceeded to fill it with golf balls. He then
asked the students if the jar was full. They agreed that it was.

So the Professor then picked up a box of pebbles and poured them into the
jar. He shook the jar lightly. The pebbles rolled into the open areas
between the golf balls. He then asked the students again if the jar was
full. They agreed it was.

The Professor next picked up a box of sand and poured it into the jar. Of
course, the sand filled up everything else. He asked once more if the jar
was full. The students responded with an unanimous "Yes."

The Professor then produced two cans of beer from under the table and
poured the entire contents into the jar, effectively filling the empty
space between the sand. The students laughed.

"Now," said the Professor, as the laughter subsided, "I want you to
recognize that this jar represents your life.

The golf balls are the important things - your family, your children, your
health, your friends, your favorite passions - things that if everything
else was lost and only they remained, your life would still be full.

The pebbles are the other things that matter like your job, your house,
your car. The sand is everything else - the small stuff."

"If you put the sand into the jar first", he continued, "there is no room
for the pebbles or the golf balls. The same goes for life. If you spend all
your time and energy on the small stuff, you will never have room for the
things that are important to you. Pay attention to the things that are
critical to your happiness. Play with your children. Take time to get
medical checkups. Take your partner out to dinner. Play another 18. There
will always be time to clean the house, and fix the disposal. Take care of
the golf balls first, the things that really matter. Set your priorities.
The rest is just sand."

When he had finished, there was a profound silence. Then one of the
students raised her hand and with a puzzled expression, inquired what the
beer represented.

The Professor smiled. "I'm glad you asked. It just goes to show you that no
matter how full your life may seem, there's always room for a couple of

I try to keep my jar in balance, and I can proudly say up to now I have succeded:)

In case of other requests, I am always available for sugestions!