Tuesday, July 15, 2008

We live in Romania, but things can change for the better

Long story short, I was very positively surprised to receive a phone call today as reaction to my reclamation written on Saturday at Real store. The lady at the other end ensured me that the store takes each reclamation very seriously and that at the second one the person who disrespected me would be monetarily sanctioned. That was more than expected. I thought I would get a general letter or something, not a 5 minute phonecall.
It seems things in Romania are also picking up in the right direction and although we are a long way form being European in the Western sense of the word, at least some still try to pull us together and push us from behind.
I warmly recomend all the people who have something to complain TO ACTUALLY WRITE THE COMPLAINT. Maybe, just maybe, someone really cares and is trying to make a diference in this gray world. STOP saying "we live in Romania, we are used to it". Things can only change one step at a time, with each of us contributing.
I would like to tell you the stoty of the little girl throwing sea stars back in the sea, although they were constantly being thrown back on the shore by the tide. An old man asks her why she bothers, they will die anyway. She answers, as she throws one back : THIS ONE WILL LIVE ANOTHER DAY!
Come on people! We can do it, everyone one step at a time!

Things to do in NY under 25 dollars

I am sooo waiting for the moment when they will lift the EU members visa for the US!
Then I can revisit all the things I saw 8 years ago and soooo much more.
Among those I will definately put on my list the things I read about here:
So if any of you are planning on visiting NY soon, these are some interesting things to do under 25 dollars:)