Friday, November 23, 2007

not funny at all....we should think about that!

football through benoculars

incredible how funny this can be especially if you watch it from fork so you can't laugh out laud:)

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Christian Nasulea

Why does he get a whole entry? Because he is an ex coleague from my university and he is also a good friend. He has a blog and as good friends do, we spread the news:)
So read his also, he has some interesting things to say!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What is hope without pain?

It is funny and sad at the same time.
Hope should not be broken into little pieces like that.

Humanitary project
We should all help, especially because WE CAN!

I always wanted to grow mushrooms

now I can do that virtually:)

woman slashed for being raped...and this is nowadays people!!!!

free music finally...and legally
when is this going to happen for movies and tv shows ?

How the Rotaract has fun

and because I also have friends who blog
My friend Arina, although in Romanian but same humour, that's why I like her so much!

Demotivation works better than motivation?

I always enjoyed a portion of black humour.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I bet you didn't know Coke controls your brain

It seams they studied the reaction people have in the cortex while drinking Coca Cola and Pepsi, and the results were compared to blind testing. Not very surprisingly, the Coca Cola triggers emotional responses from the users.

So next time you want to drink Coke, you should try to find out if you are really making the decision or if the Coke is calling out directly to your brain.

despre istoria Tiganilor

Romanian president can be heard(registered tape)

explaining the importance of the Referendum and the European Parliament elections on the 25 November 2007.

Unfortunately I am in Germany and cannot participate, but I strongly advice all that might read this and are Romanian citizens presently in Romania, to go and vote!

Nu va uitati la asa ceva la serviciu

decat daca va puteti abtine de la a nu am reusit sa ma uit pana la coada ca ma pufnea rasul in birou

What are the causes for so many obese people? Have genes anything to do with it?

read and find out and we can debate upon it also.

and I also recomend the films "Super size me"( and Idiocracy (

The second one starts exactly by presenting the idea that inteligent people have less children, and later in life, as uposed to not so inteligent people who have lots of kids and so the overall inteligence level is being lowered by this trend.

Also the second group have lots of children although many lack the material resources to care properly for their ofspring, and so their children are unintentionally forced to remain in the same low social class where their parents came from.

Life is so complicated sometimes, and solutions so hard to find.

Ashkenazi intelligence, mutations discovered by U scientists - News

Ashkenazi intelligence, mutations discovered by U scientists - News

and further on the topic:

here is the paper that the article is talking about: