Friday, November 16, 2007

is inteligence related to race?

James Watson, the Nobel-winning biologist said in an interview about the African inhabitants : "All our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours - whereas all the testing says not really"

Can this be backed up with evidence?
I have further investigated the subject and found interesting opinions. My conclusion based on what I have read about is that if there are any significant IQ diferences, they are due to diferent gene development and environment pressure, this being observed also in countries with gaps between the poor and uneducated people and the rich and educated ones. School makes a diference. Education received at home makes a diference.
Poverty, the lack of water, food, clothing, any material resources, lack of power to work due to hunger and desease, they all keep many people from developing to their full potential, and not just in Africa.
The problem with all this mess is that it can not be oficially written that there is an inate intelligence diference between races, because that will lead to a new holocaust.
People cannot deal with the fact that we might be diferent BUT WE ALL HAVE EQUAL RIGHTS.
As Watson said in an attempt to explain what he meant : "This is not a discussion about superiority or inferiority, it is about seeking to understand differences, about why some of us are great musicians and others great engineers."
There are no two people alike on this planet, and that makes us UNIQUE.
My sugestion is: " LIVE, AND LET LIVE!

Info from Wikipedia on inteligence and race:

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